Quality management

Quality management

Logistics quality service management

All electronic components distributed by Core Hao Electronics have undergone strict supplier audit and quality verification, and nearly 20 quality verification of distributed products have been carried out, and each step has been recorded, archived, and photographed for record. The warehouse area and testing center all use ESD dissipative floor, Core Hao Electronics to strengthen training for all team members to strengthen the awareness of ESD protection, to ensure that all products received by customers are original genuine and functional electronic components.

Logistics warehousing uses the company's (hardware and software) equipment to conduct preliminary warehousing and receiving registration of goods

· Supplier information and shipping box appearance inspection
· Original manufacturer label, bar code, date code
· Country of origin, environmental protection mark, humidity sensitivity level (MLS)
· Type of external packaging: complete anti-static (ESD) packaging, original packaging, third-party packaging
· Types of inner packaging: coil, disc, tube, bulk, bag, etc
· The company invested in a series of test equipment and tools to support the work of our quality control team. The equipment helps the quality team to raise quality standards, allowing our quality control personnel to identify appearance defects and fake and inferior electronic components before arriving at the customer's warehouse

Internal quality inspection service

· Confirm original factory specifications and standards
· QC test form (filled in internally)
· Label of origin, place of origin/country of origin
· Whether the package is broken/type of package
· General visual appearance inspection (such as: main body, screen printing, pin, front and back appearance, side, etc.)
· Acetone swab test

· X-RAY testing (The advantage of a high-power objective is that it provides higher magnification, allowing you to "zoom in" closer to the object being studied and see more detail)

· Other defects

External quality value-added services

· Device decomposition package test
· Solderability test
· Heating aging test
· Pin lead-free test
· Wafer testing after device cover opening
· Electrical performance test of electronic devices

Logistics warehousing delivery services

· Internal system confirmation to send customers
· Sales order number
· Mailing method
· Packaging conditions
· Manufacturer's part number

· Batch/serial number
· Quantity
· Place of origin
· Transport terms
· Customer requirements/special shipping instructions

Warehouse value-added service

Strong logistics warehousing team can carry out warehousing value-added services, such as storage, collection, distribution, customs clearance and other services